Christian Troubled with Pentecostal People

Prayerfully Compiled & Edited by Robert J. Stewart

Please listen to THE GIFT OF PROPHECY (“to speak forth”) by Dr. Jack Hyles
(Above link: an MP3 Bible study by Dr. Jack Hyles which will absolutely transform the way you've ever looked at church, the gifts of the Spirit, and preaching. The greatest job of every preacher should be be to build up homes, lift up the fallen and encourage the brethren. Love is the greatest of ALL THE GIFTS. All of the other gifts are last on the priority list, including tongues and speaking forth against sin. I PLEAD WITH YOU TO LISTEN TO THE SERMON BEFORE YOU JUDGE THE MATTER. I promise it'll change your life if you'll pray first and ask the Holy Spirit of God to help you be a spirit-filled hearer. This is classic Brother Hyles!!!

Pentecostal people, in my opinion, are out to make money off serious Christians. I also believe most Pentecostal people are not saved. Many of them believe it is necessary to speak in tongues to show proof that one is indeed saved, or in this case, baptized into the Holy Spirit. Dr. John R. Rice couldn't have said it better than in Chapter 12 of his excellent book, The Charismatic movement.  Following are several key points which Dr, Rice makes:

1. So-called Interpretations of Tongues Often a Fraud

 "In Pentecostal services, often someone speaks in tongues and then another gives what is pretended to be a divinely given "interpretation." But a few words may result in a long interpretation. Or a long speech in tongues may be interpreted in few words. Prophesies are made that are never fulfilled.
 In my experience in Pentecostal meetings and those reported to me it is nearly always said that the one who interprets somebody's speaking in tongues says that it included, "Jesus is coming soon." Now the truth is, Jesus may come soon or He may not. The Bible makes it quite clear that no one can know. So that statement which contradicts the plain statement of the Bible is obviously wrong and was not from God."

Pentecostal people have a tendency to make it "seem" like everyone speaks tongues. They take one truth and switch it to where that truth now becomes a lie to help them promote speaking in tongues. Therefore, they pervert the truth.

Dr. John R. Rice makes note of how Pentecostal people do this. He says:

2. Careless, Naive, Unreliable Reports and Lack of Discernment Belie Pentecostal Claims

"Second, there is among Pentecostal people a carelessness that grows from lack of spiritual discernment. They do not tell things straight. They regularly say that D. L. Moody talked in tongues, that Torrey talked in tongues, that Charles G. Finney talked in tongues. The same has been said about principal Christian leaders that I know today, and it is utterly untrue.
  One of the most scholarly of the writers advocating speaking in tongues quotes the word of D. L. Moody about some Christian brethren, saying they need to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and he leaves the impression that Moody is talking about the same thing he is advocating--talking in tongues. And since he quoted from The Life of D. L. Moody, it is nearly certain that he knew that was a dishonest use of the term.
  I have letter after letter from people saying I have committed the unpardonable sin since I do not believe in talking in tongues. They accuse me of resisting the Holy Ghost. It is the customary thing for them to run down fundamental Christian leaders who win many, many souls and build great churches and accuse them of not being good Christians and not wanting to know the truth, of being second-rate and certainly of not having the Spirit of God upon them. I say, that undiscerning and sometimes ignorant, dishonest practice so widespread among Pentecostal people, would make good Christians wary of tongues."

Pentecostal people are so caught up in the tongues heresies, they forget what 2nd Corinthians 6:14 says:

 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (KJB)

3. Company With Heretics and Unconverted

Dr. John R. Rice makes mention of Pentecostal people yoking up with Catholics and Methodists!  He says:

"Another sad fact which makes serious Christians troubled about Pentecostalism is their tendency to run with bible believers or infidels--no matter who, just so they talk in tongues. They are proud that 4,000 Catholics talked in tongues at Notre Dame University. Oral Roberts leaves the tongues at Assemblies of God and joins the Methodist Church which is the hotbed of Modernism. He was not offended to have fellowship with the late Bishop Oxnam, or others equally as unbelieving and opposed to fundamental Christianity.
  What is wrong with a man who does not have discernment about infidels and false doctrine? What is wrong with a man who doesn't mind if people depend on prayers to Mary and confession to a priest and masses in the church, repeating, they claim, the sacrifice of Christ? These people are so absorbed in tongues business that they do not mind about every kind of false doctrine and dishonors Christ and often sends people to Hell.
  Let us say that there is much evidence that Pentecostal people do not have good judgment, do not have spiritual discernment, are proud, haughty, and think that one who talks in tongues but never wins a soul to Christ has something that the best soul winners do not have. That surely is a poor recommendation for the doctrine of talking in tongues."

To simply put, Pentecostal people are all over the place in their doctrines, and standing for what's right. If you are a Pentecostal, I strongly urge you to leave this confusing religion.

--The Charismatic movement, by Dr. John R. Rice, Sword of the Lord Publishers; Copyright 1976

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