The Young Lady Is A Tramp

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
July 10, 2004

Christina AguileraLast December, a baseball player was sentenced to 45 days in prison for having sex with minors.

Cass Rynes, 19, from Prince Edward Island received oral sex from two local girls age 12 and 13. He maintained they pursued him, and he thought they were older.

This unusual case has drawn attention to a disturbing social phenomenon: pubescent girls from all social strata think it's a sign of maturity to dispense blowjobs.

A 2002 Health Canada survey found that one-third of all Grade Nine students (age 13) and more than half of all Grade Eleven students (age 15) report having oral sex.

Freelance writer Sara Wilson talked to typical girls and found that oral sex is not uncommon when teens gather without supervision. Apparently girls will do just about anything to be popular. Oral sex is considered "cool." Often they don't even know the boys and don't see them again.

The following is from Wilson's article "Good Girls Do" (Globe and Mail, Feb 7, 2004)

Typically, "the guy will just use the girl," says Vanessa, 13. She bears the full weight of a nasty double standard, being labeled a "slut," "whore" or "ho" while he gets praised by friends.

Still, those labels aren't as disparaging as they once were. For young girls, even negative attention can be extremely attractive. "Even if they're talking about you poorly, they're still talking about you. She adds, "To get the name 'slut', at least that're like older."

Whereas a girl's first period used to signal her entrance into womanhood, Leslie says, now "you're a woman if you ...fool around with lots and lots of people."

Kate agrees: When she and her girlfriends performed oral sex, she says, "we were pretty proud."

Wilson concludes that feminist empowerment has led to female debauchery: "Ever since the advent of Girl Power, being aggressively sexy has practically become a political statement. Pop-culture figureheads such as Christina Aguilera or Beyonce play out every bump-and-grind signal of sexual availability..."

Sex education classes also may be to blame. They actually encourage young girls to engage in oral sex, ostensibly to "cut down on pregnancies." According to one UK report, schoolchildren, particularly girls, who received such training, developed a 'more mature' response to sex.


We are taught to equate self-discipline with repression. Self-indulgence, on the other hand, is equated with liberation and self-expression.

In fact, the opposite is true. Dedication to an ideal makes us powerful and free while dissipation weakens and enslaves us to temptation or peer pressure.

We are taught to think it courageous to defy traditional social mores. The stodgy "establishment" wants to prevent us from having fun and discovering ourselves.

In fact, the real establishment consists of a well-organized network of superrich pedophiles, Satanists and drug dealers. See "A Conspiracy Too Monstrous to Conceive. See also the book, "The Franklin Cover-Up" by John De Camp.

Their goal is to consolidate their dominant position in a global fascist police state, which they call the New World Order. They are waging a secret war against humanity to destroy our "sources of natural and social energy, and physical, mental and emotional strength..." (Silent Weapons for Secret Wars)

The message teenage girls get from music videos and sex education classes is designed to make them unfit for marriage and motherhood. Our secret masters think of humanity as cattle, fit for culling by social engineering and war. See "The Devil's Work: Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda" and "Tales of Mind Control and World Tyranny"

Promiscuous girls are not defying the establishment or affirming themselves. They are falling into a trap and ruining their chances for a happy life.


A young woman's charm is her capital. She must invest it wisely rather than squander it.

This requires that she make marriage and family her primary focus. Otherwise her romantic and maternal instincts will be frustrated, and she will be alone and unhappy.

A young woman's beauty reflects her physical and spiritual innocence. Men find innocence very attractive; it balances them emotionally and spiritually. A woman who is hard and cynical is not attractive to men.

A young woman must consecrate her innocence for the man whom she will eventually love and marry. Her thoughts should be focused on him and on her future children. She should prepare herself to be worthy to become a wife and mother.

There is no more beautiful sight than a young mother looking after her children. The other day I saw a tall lithe young woman in the park playing with twin daughters on the swings. What a rare sight these days when governments herd children into soulless daycares and women into fluorescent-lit offices.

"Are those children yours?" I asked.

She affirmed they were. She was glowing.

"Congratulations," I said. "They're beautiful!"

How much affirmation do these women get in popular culture? Zip. Rather girls and young women are encouraged to squander their innocence. Who can doubt that the devil's servants are coordinating this disgrace?


Similarly, a young man should prepare personally and professionally to become a husband and father. His role is to provide his family with practical and spiritual sustenance and leadership. He is the Captain of the little ship. His wife is the First Mate.

Sexual dissipation is not healthy for males either. It makes them disrespect women. I advise my 17-year-old son to seek a genuine relationship rather than casual sex. "Hooking up" is degrading, distracting, hurtful and generally unsatisfying. We are looking for more than sexual release.

As I've said, women should get married and have children before going to university. (University, especially the Arts, will poison their minds with Feminist dogma.) They should marry older guys who are beginning their careers.

Young women should insist on courtship. If a fellow hasn't got time for her before sex, he certainly won't have time after.

People lament that life has no meaning. But God gives us purpose, happiness and fulfillment through our family roles. Satanic forces are using "feminism" to deprive us of this enriching experience, calling these roles "stereotypes". Let's spit in their eye.


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