More Victims At Harvest Baptist Church On Guam

by David J. Stewart | May 2020

       I tried to make peace with Harvest, but they don't want to, so we'll continue to do things their way. I have been exposing the ecumenical nightmare at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam since 2014 when they forced me out. The ungodly senior pastor called me their “enemy” for telling THE TRUTH that the modern Bible revisions have been corrupted by Satan. The new ungodly pastor (a Ted Beneke look alike) is just as bad, lacking genuine love for people, and just another parasite mooching off the church, in my humble opinion. They'll never let me come back, because they are pulling on the same rope as the Devil. One day they will be judged by God, and I will be there to see their fall from arrogance. Anytime you'll want to make peace with me, God knows that I would love to immediately. I just need an invite back to church, but if not, then things will stay the same. I wish Harvest could be in my shoes, because then they would care but they don't care. Shame on Harvest!

I found some more abuses at Harvest this week. If you look online at Google's reviews of their Harvest Baptist Academy, there is some disturbing information. One mother wants to sue the school, because she said they are liars and stole her money! This is Harvest Baptist Church folks! They own and operate the school. The lady's name is Coombs Seoyeon and she says this about Harvest:

My big one went to Harvest school til last week. We are moving off island, so she had to drop off the school. And they do not want to do refund of left money for her tuition and graduation fee. So, they changed her account and didn't show me the balance paper. I'm gonna sue them. They push your kids to take a bible lesson, too. First time, principal said, they don't push your kids to take a bible lesson. Shame on you to your God. Do not say to believe God. Because you guys are liar and just do business with name of God. SOURCE

What bastards! I side with this poor mother. With all the millions of dollars the school takes in, and a $900,000 church offering in 2014 (when I attended), they cannot refund her little bit of tuition money because they're moving off island? Is that how Christians are supposed to treat others? She calls them LIARS! I've been calling them LIARS since 2017.

Here's another victim of Harvest Baptist Church. The student's name is Vaggie Torsoul, who says:

“One of the teachers hurt me in a way that I didn’t tell my mom and now I’m not liked because 'I can’t talk back' but all I did was say I didn’t do it three times.” SOURCE

I don't have to tell you how creepy that sounds! She should have called the police! I'll leave it to your imagination. What the hell is going on over there?

One student who identifies on Google as, wow w0w, says:

“mean, rude teachers, its too crowded, and they force you to believe in their god.” SOURCE

Sounds like Nazi Germany to me! I know firsthand that the pastors and staff at Harvest are rude, mean and forceful. They forced me out of their church in 2014. They have forced me to go elsewhere, refusing to give me a second chance. They were my family in the Lord, and they just ostracized me overnight. What Caspar Milquetoast cowards! Their pastors are a disgrace to the name of Jesus Christ, who ought not be allowed behind any pulpit in any church! They ruined Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, selling it downriver over a waterfall!

Here is another victim of Harvest Baptist Cult on Guam. This review is from Casey Chen, who says:

“When I went to harvest I rarely got any friends and in third grade nearly all of my friends left me. When I went to Tamuning Elementary I got lots of friends and they never left me and at harvest I not gonna lie but I NEVER EAT BREAKFAST THERE BECAUSE the teachers never allowed us to bring charge cards home but at TAMES u can eat there 4 free and the aids at TAMES like me :D i hate harvest now.” SOURCE

You're not the only one Casey, I now hate Harvest too! I'm sorry those jerks didn't let you eat breakfast. Folks, the pastors and staff at Harvest are abusive! I've been saying it for years, and now you're getting to read about abuses from other people. Casey is right that Harvest is a closed off unsociable group. I have shown nothing but love and a desire to let by gones be by gones, and come back to be a part of their family; but unfortunately, the church operates like a damn social club, cultish in many ways, carefully choosing who they accept or reject. Everyone is not welcome, which means they are not a local New Testament church, they are a manmade cult like the Jehovah's Witnesses! Many staff have quit Harvest because of what I say, and other church members have quit, because of these ongoing ABUSES!!!

This victim who identifies as, AI 2026Kang, says:

have mean teachers” SOURCE

They sure do! Despite the fact that I humbly apologized three times in 2017 to Marty, Jared and Joe in e-mails (which I still have), and pleaded for a second chance to come back to church services, they refused to let me return. Well FUDDRUCKER them! Casey is not the only one now that hates Harvest. When you ABUSE people, they get upset and cry out as victims!!!

Another disgruntled Harvest student who identifies as, VV 2025Nguyen, says:

“Classes are way to crowded when I went there.”

That angry mother, Coombs Seoyeon, is absolutely right about Harvest—THEY JUST DO BUSINESS WITH THE NAME OF GOD. SHAME ON HARVEST BAPTIST CHURCH! I SAID SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! God is on my side because I speak THE TRUTH! By God's grace, as a born-again Christian who cares, I am going to do everything in my power to expose Harvest Baptist Church on Guam as an abusive Satanic cult. Since you all hate me so much for telling the truth, well then dammit, I'LL TELL THE TRUTH!!!

Romans 14:10, “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.”

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