Ten Ways For A Long Life

   People are always looking for ways to lengthen the days of their lives. Who wouldn't? Here are some ways that will help to prolong the days of your life:

1. Eat a good diet, low in calories, but generous in proteins, vitamins, minerals and liquids.

   How important it is that people maintain a healthy diet of eating and drinking beverages! Did you know that if people would just drink more water everyday, it would lower your chances for getting diabetes? Your body can only take so much, but as your body gets older, the minor problems that you never noticed in your body will come back to haunt you when you get older. Eat a good diet!

2. Keep the body and mind free of waste.

   Don't just be a couch-potato! Don't pervert your mind with television and magazines everyday! There's a world outside there just waiting to be explored! I'm not saying that you should travel around the world (although that would be nice), but it would be good for your health to exercise both your body and mind. Take a nice long walk in the park or read a book under a tree--do something! Like a credit card, you get good credit by using it! The same is true that you can get bad credit if you don't use it! Your body and mind are the same way. If you don't exercise both your body and mind, your no better than a trash can! Keep the body and mind free of waste! Do something constructive!

3. Get adequate rest.

Your body needs to be recharged everyday. God made it that way. Make sure you get plenty of rest so that your refreshed during the day. When you get plenty of sleep during the night, you can be more focused on the things you have to accomplish during the day. You can also become less stressed out and more relaxed thus giving you some peace of mind throughout the day.

4. Have daily periods of freedom from regular routine and avoid accumulated fatigue.

Take a some time during the day and relax! Don't stress your self out. Stress will lessen the days of your life faster than anything else! That is why it's a good idea to take a break here and there during the day to keep your body and mind stress free the best you can. Don't let all your worries and stress build up during the day, take time to relax and do the things that you want to do.

5. Avoid the consuming fires of anger, jealousy, hatred and fear. They raise the blood pressure, strain the heart and impair the mind.

How hard for us to relax and put away all out angers and fears, and jealousies and woes! God never intended for His creations to be put under stress! These consuming fires will devour your body and impair your mind from the joy of life. How important it is to avoid these emotions and cats them all before God! God wants to share your problems and take away the things that stress you out! All you have to is relax and ask Him to do so! This doesn't mean, though, that you will never get angry or stressed out; but try the best possible way to avoid these things that do stress you out.

6. Preserve a sense of pride in your job and remember that is is a privilege to work. Maintain physical fitness.

7. Cultivate a sense of humor. It relaxes tension, diminishes anxiety, promotes friendship, and imparts joy to lessen the load of the day.

8. Maintain companionship with your friends and community. Isolation is one of the greatest curses of old age leading to depression.

9. Keep growing mentally with added years. Keep the proper incentive: The will to live.

10. The most IMPORTANT Way to have an EVERLASTING life is to make sure that you have trusted Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour to forgive you of your sins and that He is the ONLY way to Heaven! (John 14:6)

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