Abuse Of Power In Independent Baptist Churches

by David J. Stewart | August 2020

Matthew 15:7-9, “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Psalms 109:4, For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.”

I am a caring, passionate, tender-hearted man. I have my faults, but indifference is not one of them. I have a difficult time living in a cold-hearted world, especially when professed Baptist Christians are indifferent toward truth, and don't care about the purity of God's Word, and don't care about others. I will never shut up about Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, because they profess to love God, but they don't love me as their neighbour. Romans 14:10, “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” 

Harvest Baptist Church operates like a cult, where only select members are allowed, and if you are not accepted by their leaders, you are ostracized. I have read much in the national news about abuse of power in the churches, but I never thought I would become a victim of it myself. I am a victim of church authority. I pleaded with Harvest's pastors for their help with my troubled life. I offered to humbly go along with whatever needed to be done to make peace with their church. Evidently they are scared, because I am more righteous than they are in this matter, yet I am socially weak, lacking fellowship with a local church.

I have been very lonely lately, so much wanting to be a part of church family where I can hopefully find a woman to marry. I heard Pastor Phil Kidd say that he has men coming to his church to find a wife, and he said that is okay. I fully agree. What better place to seek a wife or a husband than in a local church? Yet, Harvest refused my pleas for help. So I went to look at Bayview Church's website on Guam, just down the street from me. They used to be named the Bayview Baptist Church ten years ago, but they dropped the name “Baptist.” On their church website, they now show John Piper as one of their trusted theologians. John Piper is a hard core demonic Calvinist! If you think Calvinism is within accepted orthodox Christianity, you are deceived by the Devil. Calvinism is a road straight to Hell forever! So I cannot attend Bayview, because they are of the Devil, preaching a false gospel.

I looked at Calvary Chapel, but they teach Lordship Salvation and use the Devil's Bibles too. So there goes that. Harvest was my church for the year of 2014, but their pastors forced me out, and have refused to allow me to return, even though I humbly begged for their love and guidance with my life. They might as well have pushed me off a bridge or ran over me with a church bus. But they couldn't do the latter, because their neo-evangelical church doesn't run buses. They don't teach or go soulwinning. So I guess I am the greater fool for loving an unloving group of snobs who would rather push me away, than embrace me with God's love. Perhaps it means they do not have God's love at all. John 5:42, “
But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.”

I have never asked anything from them, except to come back to church, but they refused. What does that say about them? It speaks volumes. It says they are phonies. It says they are selfish. It says they are wicked people who don't care about those who plead for their love and help. It shows an abuse of power in the church. God owns the church, not any group of people, or else it is a manmade cult and God's presence is not there. Acts 20:28 says God purchased the Church with His own blood. So if Harvest Baptist Church were a real Bible church, they couldn't shove me away and leave me alone, as they continue to do. As long as I live at 104 Second Street in Barrigada, I will never shut up. So if anyone wants to fly to Guam and assassinate me for upsetting you, now you know my address. I don't have a mailbox here, so don't waste your time mailing me anything. 

Any church that tells you to “Go elsewhere” is not right with God. I love them tremendously at Harvest. I am still very much in love with two women at Harvest Baptist Church. I fell in love with the nurse at Harvest in 2014. I saw her in 2017 and practically asked her to marry me. I wish with all my soul that she would have accepted me into her life. I still do love her. And then I feel very much in love with a woman that used to live in my neighborhood, who now only visits, but my feelings are equally as strong for her. I would marry either of them in a heartbeat and give my heart to her.

I felt bad being in love with two women. I had to go read online to see if it was even possible to love two people at the same time. Yes, it is absolutely
 possible to love two women at the same time. I don't even know if the nurse is there anymore, or if she has married. I just know she still has my heart. I lost 70 pounds for her. That is why I have never been able to forget about Harvest, because two women there have my heart. I have never felt so unwanted in all my life, as I have at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, simply because I cared enough about them to tell them THE TRUTH. I tried to help them, as a friend does, showing them that Satan is behind the modern Bible tampering movement. Brother Lester Roloff (1914-1982) saw that the Devil was at work corrupting the Bible:
“The Word of God is our only hope—that's our only hope! This has been the generation of translations and abominations, and perversions, of the Word of God! It's been a long time; now when the Revised Standard Version came out, I stood against it before I knew what it was, because the wrong crowd heard of that, and the wrong crowd received it, and I knew it got too much publicity to be right! And I knew if the newspapers publicized something, it had to be wrong! And so I knew that the American people and a lot of American preachers—they welcomed it into their house before they knew it was a rattlesnake!” [emphasis added]—Brother Lester Roloff, a needful quote from the MP3 sermon titled, “'THE LIVING BIBLE' EXPOSED!
I told THE TRUTH at Harvest Baptist Church, and they kicked me out! Where dwelleth the love of God? I also told THE TRUTH that Lordship Salvation is a perversion of God's grace. That is why the Apostle Paul was so upset with the churches of Galatia, because someone was messing with grace! And now, tragically, I found out this year that Dr. Steve Pettit and Bob Jones University have gone full-blown Lordship Salvation! Oh my God, what has happened to Bob Jones University and Harvest Baptist Church on Guam? 

For being a true friend, I was reprimanded, shamed, driven out of Harvest, shunned, ostracized and am now being permanently punished for TELLING THE TRUTH! God will avenge me (Romans 12:19). I pray daily for God to reward me and vindicate me of Harvest Baptist Church, for their abuse of church power to hurt a man who lovingly, sincerely and kindly befriended them with THE TRUTH!!! I contacted the church pastors at Harvest in 2017. I humbly offered to keep my views to myself, just so I could quietly attend church services. They refused and I haven't had a church family since. I've been attending a new small church, but I sincerely doubt if I'd ever find a wife there. This is all so frustrating, all because I DID THE RIGHT THING!

You know, Bob Jones University honored Brother Lester Roloff in the 1970's by giving him an honorary doctorates degree. Yet, BJU doesn't honor Brother Roloff's preaching of THE TRUTH. As I just quoted to you, Brother Roloff knew that 
This has been the generation of translations and abominations, and perversions”! Yet, BJU uses, sells and bids Godspeed to those very perversions of God's Word. Why oh why? It is tragic that Christianity has deteriorated in America into a mere stinking business. I know what I am talking about. I know I am right. 

Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001) saw what the Devil was up to, 
corrupting the Word of God and changing the plan of salvation. So what is BJU's problem? What is Harvest Baptist Church's problem? Why am I hated so much by them? I have repeatedly promised to remove all my criticisms (to the best of my ability) from the internet, if Harvest would simply let me attend church services again. My promise still stands. But they have ignored me, so to Hell with them, I will continue to expose them. I am bold in this matter because I know as surely as I am saved that I am 100% right on the Bible and the Gospel. 

The Bob Jones' Crowd Are The Worst Of Perverts

You know, there has been a lot in the news in recent years about sexual abuse being covered-up in independent Baptist churches nationwide. But 10,000 times worse is the cover-up of the perversion of Lordship Salvation in thousands of churches. If a pastor sexually molests you, you'll be scared for life; but if a pastor preaches a perverted gospel to you, you'll burn in Hell for all eternity without rest day nor night (Revelation 14:11). The perverted Calvinist gospel of “turn from your sins” to be saved—which is being taught at Bob Jones University, Harvest Baptist Church, Moody Bible Institute, Unshackled, and thousands of corrupt neo-evangelical churches and religious organizations today—all sprouted from the corruptible seed of the Devil's modern Bible revisions!!!
“The worst pervert in America is the Gospel pervert!” —Brother Lester Roloff, from the sermon, “The Gospel Perverts Or Jesus
The word “pervert” in this passage is the Greek word “metastrephō,” which means to “transmute; this is, change or alter in form, appearance, or nature.” Any time someone alters the nature of the Gospel, they have perverted it. Dr. Steve Pettit is the new president of Bob Jones University since 2014. I can almost hear the heavy breathing from their perverse pulpit at Bob Jones University! There is a cover-up in our independent Baptist churches and Bible colleges today, concerning the use of the Devil's Bible revisions which violate church members, pervert their common sense, and leave them spiritually scared in their souls, confused and wondering what happened.

There is also a cover-up by abusive pastors, such as the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, concerning the preaching of a perverted gospel. I didn't say that, the Apostle Paul did in Galatians 1:6-7, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” Notice that it is really not another gospel. There is only one Gospel, defined by Paul in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Harvest Baptist Church troubles the island of Guam with their perverse gospel of Lordship Salvation. 

On their KHMG 88.1 FM radio station, Harvest Baptist Church broadcasts the 
Unshackled program by Pacific Garden Mission, which teaches hardcore perverted grace! Harvest also broadcasts 'The Daily Platform' (BJU chapel services) in which Dr. Steve Pettit preaches hardcore perverted grace. These people are Gospel PERVERTS!!! It is an abuse of pastoral leadership. The only true “authority” (power) in any church is the inspired Word of God. So when men in positions of church leadership assert their own manmade teachings (aka, Lordship Salvation) over the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and ostracize people they don't like who tell THE TRUTH, they are abusing their position of trust in the local New Testament church.

Just Like At BJU, The Bob Jones' Crowd On Guam Turn A Deaf Ear Toward Abuse

And when ungodly pastors, like at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, promote and bid Godspeed to the blatantly corrupted Bible revisions tampered with by liberals and infidels like Brooke Westcott, Fenton Hort and Rudolf Kittel, they are bigger perverts than Albert Einstein (you read right!). The genius professor couldn't keep his pants on!!! There is no pervert like the Bible corrupting pervert!!! There is no pervert like the Gospel pervert!!! There are no perverts like the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, who fornicate in spiritual whoredom with theological perves like Steve Pettit, John MacArthur, Sam Horn, Marty Herron and Ray Comfort, to name but a few, who all share the same big spiritual waterbed together!

If you see something say something! If you see your local pastor using and promoting perverted Bible revisions, call him out on it! If you hear your pastor talking perverted, teaching perverse Lordship Salvation, you need to confront him and tell him to stop being a pervert! If you don't say anything, then you are a part of the problem, bidding Godspeed to evildoers and church members will continue to be theologically molested because you didn't SAY SOMETHING!!! When pastors remain silent, while Satan sneaks his corrupt Bible revisions into the churches, they are abusing their trusted leadership position. If you see something pastors, you have a sacred duty to say something, not cover it up. 

I went to the Pastors of Harvest because is saw perversion in the church. I saw the Devil's Bibles corrupting the church, perverting the meaning of repentance and the plan of salvation itself. I saw something and I humbly spoke up, but the leadership at Harvest Baptist Church tried to silence me. They blamed me, and I was made to be the bad guy, forced out of my church family. I begged them for mercy, but they shoved gravel in my mouth! They knew I was alone in their neighborhood, and without a church to attend, but they looked the other way to cover it up, like I didn't exist anymore. That is why I believe most of their former shameful pastors quit and left, leaving a mess on Guam, because they KNEW in their hearts that I am 100% right in my stand for THE TRUTH! But the new pastors are no better than the old pastors, still covering up for bad pastors, still burying THE TRUTH, still blaming the victim of their abuse of leadership!

Just like BJU's leadership, who terminated some students for daring to report being raped; Likewise, Harvest Baptist Church on Guam has banned, shunned and ostracized me for the past 5 years. It has been painful to my soul, only God knows the hurt and sorrow they've caused. I reported the theological abuse I saw, and was punished for mentioning it, and there is a spirit of cover-up at the shameful Harvest Baptist Church of Guam today. I love them all so dearly, but they won't give me a second chance. I just need a lifeline from their church, an Olive Branch of peace, if they would like to make peace with a hurting man who asked for their help, and is in love with two ladies in their church, whom I care about. It seems that at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, it is prohibited to be in love with someone, unless their pastors approve, playing God with people's lives.

Since I don't have a church family where I can find a wife, and I am being made to feel like I did something wrong to tell THE TRUTH, it compels me to preach, preach, preach! And by God's grace that is what I intended to keep doing, in every way I can possible figure out a way to so do to spread the message of THE TRUTH. Harvest's new senior minister, Pastor Gary Walton, is clearly a big supporter of BJU and Unshackled (because the church promotes them), which means he is okay with their Lordship Salvation crap, and multiple Bible revisions that they use, sell and promote. So what does that say about him as a religious leader?


Me Too! I Am A Victim Too!

Numerous students have come forward with allegations about being sexually abused at BJU by other students, but the college actually blamed the students! One BJU counselor told the rape victim that it was her fault, for thinking about the impure thoughts from what had happened to her (the rape) in the past. I'm not kidding, read the horrifying story for yourself! As I read that story, and there are many more online, I too felt violated by the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. I went to their pastors with a kind and loving heart, pleading for their help spiritually with my broken life. Instead of being a friend, like I was to them, they shunned me away and forgot about me, moving on like nothing happened.

Kindly said, I am a Baptist, and they are Baptists. That is where I belong on Guam, in the local Baptist church! I am not the problem, they are! I am willing to quietly attend church, but they won't let me come back. Like the rape victims at BJU, I am being blamed and ostracized for doing the right thing, telling THE TRUTH, but nobody cares at Harvest.

I humbly said in 2017 (and I have the emails to prove it) that I would be fully cooperative with their pastors and not cause any trouble for the church whatsoever. But they blamed me instead, shunning and ostracizing me. My neighbours across the street on both sides won't even wave at me. The woman I fell in love with hasn't waved at me in over a year, because her pastors have told her not to. That is what a secretive worldly cult does! In God's family, EVERYBODY MATTERS! In God's family, EVERYBODY IS IMPORTANT!!! I wish Harvest Baptist Church would repent and welcome me back in love, but they won't, still after five lonely years of pain and misery. All I want is to love them, but for my love they hate me. Psalms 109:4-5, “
For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.”

All I ever wanted and asked for in the kindest of words, was to please let me attend church services. Doesn't everybody need Bible preaching? Doesn't everybody have a right to sit in the house of God on Sunday, who behaves them self in church, takes a bath before going to church, and is friendly toward others at church? I am the nicest person. So why am I not permitted to attend church? It is just as abusive as sexual abusive as far as I'm concerned! When hurting people are blamed, victimized all over again, something is very wrong with church or Bible college leadership! There is indeed a bunch of abuse going on in our Baptist churches today, and it's not just sexual abuse, I have been emotionally abused by Harvest Baptist Church on Guam.

I sure pray and hope someday they'll email me, or stop by to say hi, and we can barbecue some steaks. I always have steaks on hand and the grill ready to go. I love them (not the steaks, my neighbors...lol). This ongoing fuss between me and Harvest's pastors is on them, because I am here and ready to make peace. I just want a church family. The abusive pastors at Harvest have created this situation, by being incompetent, and hiding like little boys from a problem that they started in the first place, playing God with people's lives, deciding who stays and who leaves, and who can return. 

You know, when I lived in Chicago, where I was born and raised, I visited the Armitage Baptist Church ONE TIME! They were using the NIV (New International Version). For that reason alone I didn't ever go back. For the next ten years they tried to get me to come back! They sent welcome cards to my address for the next ten years! Even though I never went back, they won a place in my heart, so that unto this day the Armitage Baptist Church has a special place in my heart. Harvest Baptist Church needs to learn that! Their nurse at Harvest Baptist Church in 2014 followed me around, waited in the parking lot for me when I came to church, and made it clear that she liked me. I was an idiot and didn't figure it out, but I realized after their pastors had forced me out, that I had fallen in love with her, because just like the Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago, she kept at my heart and won it!

I can hear Pastor Marty Herron now: “I AM A GOD!!!” He won't admit to that, but he sure acts like it, kicking people out the door and not letting them come back to church. I am not saying that he is God, because God gives people second chances (Jonah 3:1), but not Harvest. They take the place of God, playing God with people's lives. They abused me at Harvest, horribly so. When they someday get a genuine man of God as a pastor, they will contact me, as I did them, to make peace in this matter. There are no second chances at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. If you are not accepted into their elite social club, you are a nobody to them!

We'll I'm still here! I haven't seen any effort on their part to make peace. What does that say? It certainly shows that I am the better Christian in the matter, since I am the peacemaker! I love you all with God's unconditional love. Jesus is precious!

I Feel Like This Dead Horse, A Victim Of Abuse At Harvest Baptist Church


The Gospel In Just One Minute (by Pastor Max D. Younce)

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under
the shield of law and in the name of justice.”
 —Charles de Montesquieu

Ecclesiastes 7:18b, “...he that feareth God shall come forth of them all.”

“THE Gospel needs only to be preached in the power of the Holy Spirit to hold its own against every imitation and substitute that the mind of the natural man energized by Satan can devise. —Pastor Harry Ironside, from his sermon, “ANOTHER GOSPEL.”

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