Las Vegas Is In BIG TROUBLE With God!

By Robert J. Stewart

       If there's one place I can detest more than the perverted, immoral, salvage acts of that ungodly place we call "Hollywood," it's the apostate Las Vegas! Satan's Headquarters for where sin runs rampant and God is only mentioned  when people want a big laugh!

This evil, ungodly city is so well known for it's outright sinning, that it's Chamber of Commerce has openly stated that Las Vegas is to be called "Sin City"! From homosexuality to the most unspeakable acts of adultery and gambling, Las Vegas is oozing with sewage from a enormous septic tank!

Las Vegas is a cesspool of iniquity! The sickest part of this hellish nightmare is that the city openly promotes other people to sin! "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas."

That's a two-timing lie by none other than Satan! Las Vegas might encourage people to sin, but God condemns sin all together! God hates sin! And he hates the sinful acts repeatedly spewing out from Las Vegas! Look at how evil and sinful they are by just looking at this horrible t-shirt sold in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas has established their own brewing company called, "Sin City Beer Co." Their logo? "I Have Sinned." This is appalling! These people make fun of the fact that getting drunk is a sin! Their whole mentality is "If it feels good, do it."

Drinking beer is wrong! "I have sinned." Yeah, you will have sinned when you kill person for reckless driving when drunk! You will have sinned when you find yourself behind bars in a state prison for doing horrible things while drunk! You will have sinned in God's eyes and have to answer to God for getting drunk!

Did Las Vegas think about that when they said that "harmless" phrase, "I have sinned."? I don't think so! They only want to make money off stupid people! And yes, you've got to be really stupid to drink beer just for your own pleasure. You know whether consciously or sub-consciously, that beer is wrong. You've heard the horror stories of people victimized by the curse of beer!

Yet, to drink beer just for your gratification is asinine behavior and rebellion against God! Sin City Beer Co. IS rebelling against God!
And this beer company like all the rest of them WILL have to answer to God for the millions of lives destroyed because of the beer they sold!

The picture to the right is filled with irony! It's looks like it's all happy and fun and harmless, and it makes people think that Las Vegas is a great place to visit. It's not! What the picture doesn't tell you is the hellish nightmare you get yourself into when you mess around with sin!

You've got to be crazy to fall for such misadvertisment! What Las Vegas won't tell you is how many people end up being destroyed because of them! The incredible debt one has to pay because they gambled too much! The children that are left alone in cars for hours upon hours while their parents are in casino's gambling their food money away!

The higher chances of getting STD's because of prostitution being legal! The families broken because of women in the picture to the right! Husbands waking up married to another woman than their wife because they were plastered by strong drink the night before!

People committing suicide from high story window's when they have found out that Las Vegas has taken their car, family, children, and everything else from them! This picture is saying to everyone, "It's okay to sin! This city is so full of darkness, just sit back and relax and let sin please you!" Las Vegas is evil to the core. I detest Las Vegas! The Verse that come to my mind:

" ...than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;" Hebrews 11:25

Sin only lasts for a season (short period of time). Human pleasures are vanity, but God is everlasting!

I remember a Lutheran pastor wanted to do something special for the church members in his church. He decided to take them on a vacation to Las Vegas!
If you ask me, as the pastor of that church, I would NEVER even give thought to take my church member's to such a hell hole of a corrupt city as Las Vegas! As a matter of fact, I would speak against that sinful city! I urge anyone reading this to realize one very important thing that Las Vegas will NEVER tell you. One day, you are going to die! You are going to HAVE to answer to God for all the sins you committed in your entire lifetime and Las Vegas won't be there to help you! Las Vegas says that it's okay to sin, but God is infuriated with sin! He can't stand sin!

For you to think even the smallest sin is no big deal to God--your DEAD WRONG! Your sins are what hinder you from going to Heaven! I beg of anyone that reads this to get saved immediately! Forget about the pleasures of Las Vegas, these pleasures only last for a short while. But God is everlasting! Put your faith in something real! Jesus Christ! Don't trust your life, your eternal destiny on emptiness! Trust Jesus Christ as your personal Savior today!

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." —2nd Peter 3:9

“Whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in Hell.” —Billy Sunday

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