Beer is EVIL!

"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise."
(Proverb 20:1)

       Out of the thousands upon thousands of victims that have suffered due to strong drink, I think these people would agree with me that beer is EVIL! Beer had invaded the homes of America and has destroyed thousands of families across the country! The horror stories I have heard and read about how DEADLY beer is! Take a look a just a few of the horrid samples of just how beer had DESTROYED these peoples lives!

Section taken from Dr. Hugh Pyle's great book, "Liquid Devil! The Bible and the Bottle":


HIT-RUN-DRIVING FATAL FOR TWO AFTER PARTIES. (In the background were stories of a teenager drinking at a series of parties heralding the New Year.)

YOUTH ADMIT LEAVING GIRLS TO DIE IN DETROIT SNOW BANK (Detroit). Police said today a twenty-year-old youth surrendered and said his car struck two pretty girls who were left dying in a snow bank on New Years Eve. The boy had been attending beer parties before he killed the girls.

FATHER HAD INSULIN, GIRL DIES WAITING (Statesville, North Carolina). Authorities disclosed today that a 22-year old girl dies of acute diabetes while her father was in jail on a public drunkenness charge, her life-saving insulin in his pocket.

YOUTH CALMLY ADMITS SLAYING FATHER (Buffalo, New York). Sixteen-year-old boy accused of killing his father with a rifle in suburban Kenmore is in the Erie county jail pending grand jury action. Kenmore police said the youth told them he drank 17 to 20 beers before the killing.

SOLDIER ADMITS HE CHOKED WOMAN SERGEANT TO DEATH (San Rafael, California). Sergeant_____, 32 kept a moody silence in jail today after the FBI announced he admitted choking an attractive woman sergeant to death. He had been drinking heavily, the statement said.

FATHER KNIFED SON, THREE, AND WIFE (Santa Rita, Florida). An angry father of two children slashed the throat of his three-year-old son and knifed his wife as she fled with her five-year-old daughter. The man told a News-Journal reporter that he had been drinking continually for more than a week and would have not caused any trouble if he had not been under the influence. An arresting officer said he had been drinking at the time of the cutting.

FATAL CHOKING LAID TO YOUTH. Tragedy follows drinking party (Edina, Missouri). Second degree murder charged was filed Tuesday against a 17-year-old boy accused of suffocating his cousin. The death occurred after a drinking party involving teenagers. A 14-year-old girl testified the boy attended a movie with her on the night of November 20th and afterwards drank several bottles of liquor.

DRINKING PARTY ENDS IN DEATH (Winona, Minnesota). An all-night drinking party involving teenage boys and girls ended in a deadly game of Russian Roulette at a nearby farmhouse Sunday.

THREE SLAIN IN BARROOM BRAWL (Houston, Texas). Feuding Texans shot it out from behind overturned tables and a squawking juke box in a Saturday night barroom battle that left four men lying on the tavern floor when the gun smoke cleared away.

BRADENTON MAN GETS LIFE FOR SLAYING WIFE (Bradenton, Florida) _____ was sentenced to life imprisonment Monday for beating his wife to death with a claw hammer. "I loved her and I know she loved me," the man said who threw himself on the mercy of the court because he and his wife were drunk at the time of the argument leading to he slaying.

WIFE SET FIRE WITH GASOLINE (El Paso, Texas). Airman 2nd Class _____, confessed today that he threw a beer glass of gasoline on his sleeping wife and set her on fire wit her own cigarette lighter. "I don't know why I did it," he said, "I was drunk. No one in his right mind would have done a thing like that."

YOUTH HANDED LIFE SENTENCE AT HARD LABOR (Wewahitchka, Florida). _____, 17, today was sentenced to a term of natural life imprisonment at hard labor in the Raiford prison for the pistol slaying of his brother-in-law. The young man said, "Yes, I would like for my case to be an example for all other teenage boys not to drink. Drinking was caused by my troubles. Let this be an example to all teenagers. Every time you start to take a drink, think about what whiskey did to me, and don't take it"!

BABY LIES DEAD IN CRIB FOR FIVE DAYS (Cleveland, Ohio). January 8. For five days five-months old _____ _____ lay dead in his crib because his parents could not agree who would call an undertaker, the mother told police today. The mother said she had found the baby dead when she returned from a New Year's Eve celebration. The coroner said the child died from "neglect and exposure to cold." The parents, of course, had been drinking.

MOTHER COMFORTS INJURED DAUGHTERS (St. Louis). Two little girls seriously injured when struck by a car near their home are being comforted by their mother in a suburban hospital. Eight-year-old _____ had her right leg amputated by a doctor whit a borrowed penknife, using the headlamps of a police patrol car for light. Her nine-year-old sister is recovering from fractures of both legs. Their mother witnessed the accident. State police have charged the driver of the car which struck them with careless and reckless driving while drinking!

 "Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them!" (Isaiah 5:11)

I find it sad that when you type "beer is evil" on Google almost all of the webpage's mock the fact that beer is evil! Beer has become so wide spread that NO ONE can go into any store that doesn't sell beer! Restaurants sell beer. Grocery stores sell beer. There's practically taverns on every street corner! Turn on Hellivision, you'll find tons of beer commercials encouraging people to drink their beer! These evil beer companies don't care about the many deaths and destroyed lives of thousands of people! They only have that dollar sign in their eyes. People are drinking beer and wrecking their lives (and others as well) like a cow going into the slaughter house! Beer is destroying America from the inside out! Wake up people!

How can you help?


1- Abstain altogether. Never touch the stuff!
2- Support those who stand against booze.
3- Win others to Christ!
4- Support the church that refuses to compromise.
5- Make known to people why you can't stand it!

Beer is EVIL! I am totally against the beer companies that sell this garbage! As long as I live I won't touch the stuff! You'd do best to do the same, too!

"Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also..." (Habakkuk 2:15a)

In Jesus' Name,

Robert J. Stewart

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